Pelvic Distortion Subluxation Complex (PDSC)

There are many reasons why a child should be checked by a pediatric chiropractor.  Pelvic Distortion Subluxation Complex (‘PDSC’ for short) is one of those reasons.

PDSC is a common, but serious condition that affects the pelvis in very young children.  It is caused by injuries sustained during childhood.  Injuries sustained during the birth process is the most common cause of PDSC.  Even a seemingly ‘normal natural birth’ can leave a child with PDSC.   PDSC is when one of the large joints of the pelvis (Sacroiliac Joints) becomes fixed and is no longer able to move through its normal range of motion.   Once the child starts walking a PDSC pelvis quickly becomes unleveled and the spine contorts into scoliosis.  Left uncorrected, this condition progressively degenerates the spine and nervous system, causing disc degeneration, arthritic spurring, hardening of the muscles and tendons and a decrease in the mobility of the body.   The function of the ner vous system worsens and organs become weak and sick.  Early detection is key in correcting PDSC.   A pediatric chiropractic is trained to detect and correct this condition.  We encourage our patients who have children or grandchildren to bring them in for a check-up.  Every child who comes to Schultz Chiropractic is checked for PDSC.

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