Chiropractic Associate Opportunity (Burlington, Ontario)

“Welcome to the Schultz Chiropractic Team, located in Burlington, Ontario.  We are excited to offer a very unique, full-time, associate and mentorship opportunity.  This opportunity will allow you to sharpen your clinical skills and enjoy enormous practice success.”

–  Dr. Mike Schultz B.Sc., D.C., C.A.C.C.P.

Chiropractic Associate Position

(Burlington, Ontario)

We Are Recruiting! 

We are looking for a Chiropractic Doctor. Someone who is excited to learn and begin their practice ‘journey’.

We are a busy, neurological-based (subluxation), family wellness practice with a high focus on pediatric clinical cases, including birth trauma in infants.

This is not just an associate opportunity, but a mentorship program.  You will be working closely with and alongside I.C.P.A.-C.A.C.C.P. and Webster Certified, Dr. Michael Schultz.

You will help us carry out our office mission, which is to help as many people as possible, especially children!

You will learn to care for newborn children, many of whom have sustained trauma during the pregnancy and birth process.  Our goal with pediatric care is to detect and correct the earliest stages of neurological trauma (including birth trauma) to ensure that our young patients have the highest long-term health outcomes (Preventative Care).

Adjusting Area
Dr Schultz with Babies

You will be exposed to complex and challenging neurological cases.  You will engage with patients who suffer from such conditions as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, colitis, ADHD, torticollis, latching issues, infantile colic, and various other neurological-based disorders.

Our office is a beautiful and modern clinic located in the heart of Burlington, Ontario. We are fully equipped with everything needed to succeed, including multiple chiropractic drop-tables, pediatric and pregnancy equipment, a digital x-ray system, a thermo-scanner, and so much more.

Pediatric Chiropractor in Burlington

The Opportunity:

  • This is not just an associate opportunity.  It is a mentorship program!
  • You will learn how to be the very best Doctor that you can be!
  • Join a team that focuses highly on pediatrics. You will learn the intricate skills of caring for newborn children, toddlers, and teenagers, a niche that is in very high demand. You will also learn how to take care of pregnancy cases.
  • You will be trained in proper comprehensive neurological-based examination protocols, as well as adjusting techniques, which will enable you to take exceptional care of your patients.
  • You will learn about birth trauma and how to care for newborn children to ensure that they get a great start to life (prevention).
  • You will learn how to place patients on the appropriate care schedules to not only ensure that they get well but stay well.
  • You will learn how to build a successful wellness practice, where patients come, with their family members, to stay healthy and where they refer their friends and family.
  • Full team support, including regularly scheduled meetings, clinical training sessions, and progress reviews to ensure that your clinical skills and overall practice success thrives.
  • A full-time career with flexible hours, which will allow you to enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Imagine, full career success, working only 3x days per week! We are passionate about our chiropractic careers but just as passionate about living a healthy balanced lifestyle.


  • Marketing support. We will assist you in developing a 12-month marketing plan to ensure that your practice is busy starting day one.
  • Your own, open-concept, adjusting area, with 2X Omni Chiropractic Drop Tables as well as a pediatric table for adjusting toddlers and infants.
  • An on-site digital chiropractic x-ray system.
  • An electronic health records system, including wall-mounted touch screens.
  • The clinic is next to all the major highway interchanges, which allows you to serve the greater Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area.
  • Practice in the beautiful city of Burlington, which is a perfect place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and raise a family. The local area has plenty of hiking, camping, shopping, nightlife, boating, art and theater, and much more.
  • Stability with working in a 20+ year successful chiropractic office team and location.
  • Percentage (%) split agreement.
  • You will be growing your own patient base as well as seeing existing clinic patients.
  • We are looking to foster a strong long-term business relationship. There is potential for full partnership down the road.



Children friendly examinations

If you are interested in learning more about this position, please reach out to us.  Please send your resume, a cover letter and a short video as to why you think you would be a great candidate for this position.

info@schultzchiropractic.ca or (905) 639-4673.


“Dr. Mike and his team make you feel very welcome.  After my adjustment I leave feeling amazing! It doesn't take long to know that Dr. Mike wants to make people well.  I strongly recommend Schultz Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.”

Joan C.

“Dr. Schultz is an awesome doctor and human being who genuinely cares about his patient’s health and wellbeing. He and his team are extremely friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I tell everyone I know what a wonderful place Schultz chiropractic is!”

Lisa D.

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your own personal life to help my Olympic experience come true.  I truly appreciate all that you did for me and also for what you do for all of your patients.”

Taylor B.

“I was originally referred to Dr. Mike as I heard that he worked with young children.  My child suffered from a serious skin condition where she always got a severe rashe all over her body.   After two months of getting adjustments I can se that her skin condition is completely cleared-up.” 

Janice K.

“My wife and two kids got the help that I didn't know they needed till it was pointed out. My daughters tilted posture was causing issues with her digestive system it was also causing her feet to pronate. What was easily fixed over a couple of months gives us a good feeling that we probably stopped a whole lot of future issues for my kids and ourselves.”

Tino G.

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