Pregnancy And The Webster Technique

In order for a mom to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery her pelvis must be properly aligned and balanced. Why?  The uterus is intricately connected to the pelvis through ligaments, muscles, and nerves. Any distortion to the alignment of the pelvis causes serious problems and complications for both mother and baby. And it is not okay!  Distortion of pelvic alignment contorts the shape of mom’s uterus and puts tremendous pressure on the developing child.   To seek relief, the baby is forced to flip into a more comfortable, but very troublesome position, known as a ‘breech’ or ‘transverse lie’.  This poses serious complications for the upcoming birth process. If the baby is left breeched the delivery becomes extremely complicated and almost always leads to unnecessary drugs and surgery like a c- section.  All of these conflicts could have been avoided if the mother was under chiropractic care prior to labor.

We here at Schultz Chiropractic and Wellness Centre are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Michael Schultz is certified in the Webster Technique! The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic skill used to gently realign and balancing the pelvis of a soon to be mother.  By receiving care throughout a pregnancy mom can ensure that her uterus and supporting tissues are functioning at her optimally potential.

The outcome is a more comfortable, successful pregnancy and labor for both mom and her bundle of joy.

Every mother needs to be checked throughout her pregnancy.  It is absolutely crucial.  Mom’s we ask that you tell your other mom friends and family members to come in for a checkup with us. Our office is fully equipped and geared towards the care of pregnant mom’s and there children!

Written By Dr. Mike Schultz